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Conceptual modeling: UFO basics (eLearning)


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€ 895,00 , €995,00 [depending on chosen format]

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This learning journey will introduce you to UFO, the widely used methodology for designing and evaluating ontologies that underly information represented as data. In this introductory course you will learn about:

  • Why do we need ontologies? How do they differ from more traditional data models and information models?
  • How does UFO work?
  • How can you apply UFO using OntoUML, a UML dialect?
  • How can you use UFO in practice to create high-quality ontologies?

This learning journey is relevant for data analysts, information analysts, information architects, ontologists, and any other professional who needs to work with ontologies, design ontologies, or need to understand the quality aspects of ontologies. After finishing this course, you will be able to apply basic UFO-techniques in all your modeling work.
Much of our knowledge is represented as data in IT-systems. Interpreting and using these data is impossible without ontologies. Ontologies can be left implicit, but that does not mean they are not there. Low-quality models are detrimental. Linked Data is currently emerging as a superior approach to working with data, but Linked Data without an adequate ontology is like a moon rocket without fuel. Or worse, with dangerously wrong fuel.
The biggest impediment to realizing value from data is no longer technology, but poor understanding of how to create adequate, technology-agnostic ontologies. Contrary to common wisdom, creating adequate ontologies is not an art, let alone a matter of taste. Grounded in decades of research and steeped in philosophy dating back to Socrates, UFO provides practical methods to decide what is adequate and what is not.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Understand which problems the discipline of conceptual modeling intends to solve
  • Appreciate the fundamental importance of these problems
  • Communicate how ontologies function as a recipe for interpreting data
  • Understand the deep connections between identity and classification
  • Comprehend how UFO derives logical constraints on adequate ontologies
  • Understand how OntoUML is vanilla UML with added constraints
  • Learn to apply UFO through OntoUML in practical situations




A Certificate of participation will be issued to you when you have completed the course

Course materials

The course provides extensive materials, including over 30 videos, copious reading, quizzes, references to background resources, hands-on exercises, and more.

Course forum

You become a member of the course forum. Our teachers will answer all your questions quickly and you can participate in discussions. If necessary, you can personally contact one of our teachers.

Available options and pricing

This eLearning course is available in three formats.

  • eLearning only: € 895
  • eLearning + 2 hour in-person online workshop € 995

The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


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