Linked Data and FAIR principles for managers


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Knowledge graphs are a certain form of knowledge representation that offers new possibilities. Linked Data and the semantic web play a central role in this. This involves a certain vision, as well as web standards and a certain technological approach. What is so different about this? What are the advantages? What does this mean for an organization that wants to get started? This course is intended for a broad target group who just want to know more about the practice of Linked Data.


After following this course, you are able to:
• Appreciate the essence of the Linked Data-approach
• To understand how this approach has been forming for 20 years
• Understand the benefits and costs of the Linked Data-approach
• To recognize the central principles, standards and techniques
• To relate the Linked Data-approach to other contemporary themes such as GO FAIR, Artificial Intelligence, GraphQL
• See what Linked Data could mean for your organisation, and to understand what it would take

You will receive a course manual in English.


No theoretical knowledge is required for this training.


This training does not lead to a specific certificate. It is, however, possible to do a written knowledge quiz.


Jan Voskuil

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