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Linked Data Essentials (eLearning)


Any convenient time


8 - 10 hours




€ 895,00 , €995,00 [depending on chosen format]

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This course introduces you to the essence of Linked Data:

  • Why do we need Linked Data?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • How does it work in general?
  • What do organizations use it for?
  • How do they work with it?

The course is relevant for architects, analysts, data specialists, as well as information managers, project managers, CIOs and others interested in a 360-degree view, without going into technical details. It is also the starting point for analysts and engineers who want to learn how to work with Linked Data and apply it in their work.
Much of our collective knowledge of the world takes the form of data in IT systems. Bringing data together to get a holistic view has become impossibly complex. Linked Data offers a comprehensive solution to this problem. It is a set of standards, technologies, tools and methods. Linked Data frees computers from the constraint of working only with predefined data.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Understand what problems Linked Data solves and why it is essential for our future
  • Live through the fundamental ideas on which Linked Data is built
  • Learn the role of the core standards RDF, RDFS, OWL and SHACL
  • Discover how Linked Data is used in artificial intelligence, information architecture and search engines
  • Understand how Linked Data facilitates data-centric architectures, the semantic web, knowledge graphs, data fabric and FAIR data
  • Learn about real-world business cases and use cases
  • Understand the impact Linked Data has on organizations and projects




A Certificate of participation will be issued to you when you have completed the course

Course materials

This course takes you step by step through the essentials. You start with the core concepts, with the aim of understanding why they are designed the way they are. Then you learn how it works, how it is applied and how organizations work with it. The semantic web, knowledge graphs, data fabrics and FAIR data are also covered. Concepts are illustrated with practical examples. Included are exclusive interviews with Erwin Folmer (Land Registry), Vladimir Alexiev (OntoText), Jans Aasman (Franz Inc) and Irene Polikoff (TopQuadrant) on some of the topics covered in this course.
The course provides extensive materials, including over 30 videos, copious reading, quizzes, references to background resources, hands-on exercises, and more.

Course forum

You become a member of the course forum. Our teachers will answer all your questions quickly and you can participate in discussions. If necessary, you can personally contact one of our teachers.

Available options and pricing

This eLearning course is available in three formats.

  • eLearning only: € 895
  • eLearning + 2 hour in-person online workshop € 995

The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


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