Linked Data for Practitioners


3,4,11 June 2021
2,3,10 September 2021
2,3,11 December 2021


3 days


NL - De Meern


€ 1.995,00

Training method

Class training


Do you want to get started with Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data and the underlying standards? With this course you learn the basic techniques and gain hands-on experience. You learn to use TopBraid Composer (the free edition) as an IDE to create, connect, query and edit datasets.


After following this course, you are able to:
• Generate and edit RDF data
• Create model graphs and data graphs
• Set up and implement simple SPARQL queries
• Create and apply basic SHACL Shapes
• Work efficiently with TopBraid Composer, the most widely used RDF editor

You will receive a course manual in English.


No theoretical knowledge is required for this training.


This training does not lead to a specific certificate. It is, however, possible to do a written knowledge quiz.


Jan Voskuil, Jesse Bakker, Richard Dijkstra

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