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Linked Data Foundations (elearning)


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Starting from the level you reached after following Linked Data Essential, this learning journey will introduce you to the practical aspects of working with Linked Data:

  • How can you query an RDF knowledge graph?
  • How do you work effectively with ontologies and datasets?
  • How can you validate data?
  • How can you create and apply taxonomies?
  • What are useful techniques in an enterprise-context?

This learning journey is relevant for analysts, engineers, architect and others with an interest in experiencing hands-on what working with RDF is like. It lays the foundation for more advanced courses on SPARQL, SHACL and combining Linked Data and geospatial data.
Linked Data is increasingly becoming a central technology in enterprise architectures, in data-exchange processes, and in applications of artificial intelligence. For many kinds of position, hands-on experience with RDF is not a luxury anymore.
This learning journey takes you through the technical aspects of how Linked Data. You start by better understanding the more technical aspects of the core concepts. Your journey then continues covering RDF and RDF Semantics, RDFS, OWL, SHACL, Turtle, SPARQL and more. You will learn about taxonomies and SKOS. You will learn about the technical aspects of integrating RDF knowledge graphs in an enterprise context using APIs. A combination of theory and practical, hands-on exercises will enable you to grasp and experience the practicalities of Linked Data.
After finishing this course, you are able to get real work done with Linked Data.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Appreciate technical aspects of the fundamental ideas on which Linked Data is built
  • Learn the practicalities of the core standards RDF, RDFS, OWL, SHACL and SKOS
  • Learn to query data sets using SPARQL
  • Gain hands-on experience with Linked Data
  • Learn to apply widely used methods, design patterns and best practices
  • Become aware how RDF knowledge graphs can be leveraged in an enterprise context
  • Comprehend how RDF knowledge graphs can be used in combination with APIs




A Certificate of participation will be issued to you when you have completed the course

Course materials

The course provides extensive materials, including over 30 videos, copious reading, quizzes, references to background resources, hands-on exercises, and more.

Course forum

You become a member of the course forum. Our teachers will answer all your questions quickly and you can participate in discussions. If necessary, you can personally contact one of our teachers.

Available options and pricing

  • eLearning only: € 1795

The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


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